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In 1918, Cristobal Balenciaga set up his fashion house in San Sebastian, Spain.Today, Balenciaga is famous for high quality leather goods, especially its motorcycle city bags and  real leather jackets.
Balenciaga is  well known for its bold designs, especially when it comes to replica Balenciaga bag. Back in 2001, the classic City Bag was known as the "Motorcycle City Bag." This bag was known for its feminine yet avant-garde look, which seemed to be ahead of time and trend.
Balenciaga bag replica are typically made of durable, lightweight leather that allows each bag to age well and gain a unique personality.
Another special feature that makes replica Balenciaga bags apart is the use of flat brass hardware. You can see it in Lariat  and continues to today's huge and classic antique brass.
We also have many other series of bags, such as the most popular
Balenciaga Ville tote.
Balenciaga City bag.
Balenciaga Everyday shoulder bag.
Balenciaga Bazar printed bag.