Prada is known for its uniqueness that shows up in its bag. This world-class brand is recognized all over the world by everyone so easily and is loved by people. This time, Prada has come up with something different from its previous launches. It has introduced the Replica Prada Crossbody bag that is breaking stereotypes. Let us have a look at its specifications below:

Prada's triangle logo:

The most beautiful thing about a Prada bag is, well, Prada itself. The Prada Crossbody bag also comes with this beautiful monogram pasted on it to flaunt the origin of the bag and the taste of the carrier. This beautiful triangle makes the Prada Crossbody bag even more beautiful and ethereal.

The comfortable shoulder strap:

The Prada Crossbody bag comes with a shoulder strap that is padded. This soft and comfortable shoulder strap is something that makes the bag a very good option for ladies who must stay out for work and carry this all the time.

The adjustable shoulder strap:

Are you a short baby girl or a tall lady? Well, we can ask it, but Prada does not need to! Because the Prada Crossbody bag comes with a shoulder strap that is highly adjustable, any woman of any height can carry it so well and according to her height. Moreover, the changing strap also gives versatility to the bag and a lot of different options to wear. Just by adjusting its shoulder strap, you can change your whole look with it.

Metal hardware:

The hardware of the Prada Crossbody bag is made up of metal that gives the ultimate class and elegance to it and making it look so rich and expensive. It satisfies your fashion sense to the core.

External zipper pocket:

The Prada Crossbody bag comes with an external zipper pocket that allows you to not only have a handy and easy carrier but a safer one. The zipper on it makes it even safer and prevents stuff from falling.

Internal zipper pockets:

In addition to having comfy external pockets, the Prada Crossbody bag also has a small zipper pocket in its interior. These are going to be your go-to lockers and secret keepers. You can put crucial stuff inside them without the fear of losing it.

Calf leather material:

The Prada Crossbody bag is made up of calf leather that is a good form of pure leather made up of Calfskin. This gives the edgy look to the bag while maintaining its elegance.

Nylon lining:

The lining of the Prada Crossbody bag is done with nylon hence giving the never-breaking properties to it. This prevents the bag from harsh weather, dust, and many harmful agents alongside giving a stylish look to it.


The size of the Prada Crossbody bag is very handy. Its length is 18 cm while its width is 22 cm. This size allows it to keep a lot of your crucial items inside it while maintaining the look of a minimalist and beautiful handbag.