If you want a accessory, you will consider which outfits are worn frequently, how it can match your clothing, and how to easily style it with so many different clothes, today I would like to recommend you a hot accessory, It is the Gucci belt.

Maybe you are never keen to display the designer on the front and center of the logo, but the Gucci belt may be an exception. GG marmont belt is very classic, it has become a must-have item in many people's closets.

Is the Gucci belt still worth buying?

Since its establishment in 1921, Gucci has been manufacturing belts. The double-g logo was first introduced in the 1960s. This belt made its debut in the Fall 2015 collection, and it has been a trend 

for more than six years to this end, which is a good start. This shows that it is a very vital product and will not be easily outdated.

No matter how much time passes, some things will always keep their style. Some timeless designs include Chanel handbags, Louis Vuitton handbags and Valentino rockstud  shoes. Gucci belts are at the same height as these classic items. The classic design makes it timeless-summer looks as good as autumn and winter.

When it comes to quality

Many people who have used Gucci belts say that they are of very good quality and have worn for a long time, but they still look perfect. There is no problem of damage to the belt. Its leather is soft and beautiful, but it is still durable, and it has no problems with scratching. When it comes to gold buckles, don’t worry about scratching. If you look at it very carefully, you can see scratches, but honestly this is hard to notice.

Gucci belt types

Maybe you notice the classic GG marmont belt is hot, in fact, Gucci has a variety of belts for you to choose from.

Like Buckle , they have the classic GG Marmont,  Dionysus,  Animalier,  Horsebit , etc., if you happen to have the same series of handbags, and then match this collection of belt,  it is perfect.

The width of the belt is also different, there are Wide and Skiny. Different belts have different widths.

There are many option for colors,eg black, beige, blue, gold, pink, red, white, etc.

The materials contain genuine leather, cloth or GG canvas.


How to choose GUCCI  belt size

If you really want to wear the belt around the navel, please measure the size of this position in centimeters, or if you want to place it on the hips, you can measure the size of this position in centimeters.

There are total of 5 holes in this belt, so you have 2 holes on each side of the middle hole to allow you to adjust the tightness, or if you lose or increase some weight, you can use 5 different positions.  The length of the gap between each hole is about 2.5 cm, and the size adjustment is very tolerant. Hope it helps you.

How to choose belt color and belt width?

It really depends on what you like the most and what clothes you wear the most.

If you usually wear more light-colored clothes, then white color may be more appropriate. If you usually wear more dark clothes, then black and brown are more suitable. You can check your wardrobe to see what color you wear the most.

As for width, if you can own two belts with two different widths , it is the best choice. The wide belt has a larger logo and is 4 cm wide, while the thin belt is only a little over 2 cm. And Gucci wide waist is a classic item, but if you are looking for more refined things, then a thin belt is a good choice.


What to wear with GUCCI belt

This belt can be worn in formal or informal occasions. It is easy to match it with  dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts, wide-leg pants, there are many options!


Where to buy the Gucci belts?

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